Mod rework..

Because TBBC will most probably not release planned MS patch that was already built in test stage and i have already set up PTS with it, i am backed up modified sources and transfering all changes to old source codes of last PTS build of current master server compattible Rommie's mod, it will take some time, but there is features like:

  • persistent client database - this file is ini file stored by player HW IDs and there is saved player settings like mute status, or custom settings of announcers of each client
  • GLOBAL name database that gahthering and releasing player name history by his HW ID (to prevent some kind of people every day change their name and be "anonymous"), mod will announce player original name gathered from all running servers and his first occurance. (i already have gathered names and their alter names of many people, for example player QQ joined to server, next day joined to server with name Hallo!, but server announce in chat that is originaly QQ, so people will know)
  • there is optional settings in Rommie.ini, that allow you let local or global banned players join to game, but they are punished for their ban reason by lowering their HP to 1 point, 0 armor, and they receive only knife/wristblades on spawn point, without ability of heal/pickup another weapons. Those players are automaticaly renamed into "LocalBannedPlayer" and "GlobalBannedPlayer"
  • fixed problem in predator vision hack detection on DM_COMPOUND



Opinion, decision, farewell

I think everyone of you heard that TBBC stopped supporting AvP2.

TBBC servers are permanently down, they shut down IRC channel used in Avp2 launcher.

Their services for master server query is still running, but most probably not permanent, so i thik is time to say "good bye", this is end of avp2 i guess, i dont think there is any more talented modder like TBBC and there is noone who will made that deep chanegs in old source codes to continue their good work.

So, thank you TBBC, you keep this game alive for another years after kids from lithfaq kidnaped this community by their MS patch parody, i am ashamed that there are people dropping DDOS attacks among avp2 players community, but its nothing new, as i said some times.. AvP2 community and people around WAS and ALWAYS WILL BE ARSE. Ungrateful, abusing, server crashers, hackers, and idiotic kids like avpunknown they only sabotage any tries of extend live of this amazing game.


I will release updated Rommie's mod, if TBBC release currently testing build of MS patch 2.3.3, if they not to do, there will not be any future releases of Rommie's mod. One special thank is for my homeclan DBH for provide all this years test server that allow me serve you (most times) stable and featured mod updates.

Rommie's mod shared ban list will no longer be maintained (i will release hotfix for RommieAvp2Serv.bin with disabled global banning - i hope i do it before end of year, so provisional "end date" is 12/31/2017, from 01/01/2018 global ban file will no loner be available), i will also remove all security and online features of Rommie's mod like version checking for last release to prevent any problems when i decide to shut down my site any time in 2018.

Dont ask me to provide source codes, i will NEVER release Rommie's mod source codes to anyone!

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Rommie's mod - --> latest PUBLIC build
Rommie's PTS easy connector -

Nighty builds (builds used on PTS) download (WARNING, this is EXPERIMENTAL BUILDS, containing debug code and some features will NOT BE available!), PTS builds using same config generator, new variables will not be affected: (SOON)

ReadMe files included..


Every time ACTUAL global ban list file content:

#People in this ban list was automaticaly banned by Rommie's mod, because they triggered any hack check function
#Rommie's shared ban list.
#Last change: 12.1.2018 10:37 GMT+1
#Removed bans due to predator vision hack trigger, found bug in detection.

#player name: KRYPTONIAN
#player hw id: 6ACFD25A75BDFBD004A443A677CE8B3A
#reason received from server: TSEARCH MEMORY POKING: Butes memory hash failure.
#ban type: perm.loc.glob.
#ban date and time: 10.09.2016 17:09 GMT+1
#ban unique event id: c27a49405ca0db3b1aab367b52439b64
#global ban request send from server: - [DBH] Rommie's TDM PTS #1

#player name: Noob
#player hw id: 2D646B808465BBFDB73A65FEE533BA5F
#reason received from server: AIMBOT: (shoulder cannon aim + net gun)
#ban type: perm.loc.glob.
#ban date and time: 5.11.2016 10:52 GMT+1
#ban unique event id: 8bf1e6033f521d0f127bf2e7b43322a0
#global ban request send from server: - [DBH] Rommie's TDM PTS #1

#player name: SPECIALIZED
#player hw id: AD3F50CF16FB4D88339B3EB22B552827
#reason received from server: AIMBOT: (smart gun aim + pulse rifle)
#ban type: perm.loc.glob.
#ban date and time: 04.06.2017 16:42:16 GMT+1
#ban unique event id: ae13b41cb2b158a21f4049ac6d70dffa
#global ban request send from server: - [DBH] Rommie's TDM PTS #1

#player name: MAX
#player hw id: 6F9251716A6252A7B562F561BE54B2B0
#reason received from server: AIMBOT: (smart gun aim + sniper)
#ban type: perm.loc.glob.
#ban date and time: 26.07.2017 15:53:16 GMT+1
#ban unique event id: 06da221687608b377c70e9b047e7b609
#global ban request send from server: - [DBH] Rommie's PTS #4 [no skins]

#player name: NoName
#player hw id: B0A1BD713CC28FB7D997048FCE694623
#reason received from server: TSEARCH MEMORY POKING: Butes memory hash failure.
#ban type: perm.loc.glob.
#ban date and time: 22.01.2018 12:29 GMT+1
#ban unique event id: 2baa28f4e73178f993c899c3318af214
#global ban request send from server: - [DBH] BLOODBAH DM - ALL WEAPONS


Currently running Public Test Servers:


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If you have any mod related question or problem, please provide much informations as is possible, include logs.. If you send me just message "my server crashing, help", without any info, i will not react.

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