GameSpy master servers shutting down

Guys.. it is here.. GameSpy master servers of AVP2 (and all others games using GameSpy technology) going permanently down at MAY 31, 2014.


Simple.. This is over (if anyone not pop-up and modify lithtech master server patch - difficult because there is no source codes of latest versions)


official announcement:

Effective May 31, 2014, GameSpy will cease providing all hosted services for all games still using GameSpy.
If you have any questions about how this impacts your favorite title please contact the game’s publisher for more information. - See more at:


This post will be updated with news..


Actually working on PHP based master server solution, but need someone who is able to patch client side (rewritte and recompille original AvP2 ClientShell.dll source codes, as i know only TBBC actually have latest old LithFaq master server patch sources, then most probably this ste is on them.)



register server into master server

query master server:


descriptions (ServerSettings="" is:FragLimit (int)-ScoreLimit (int)-TimeLimit (int minutes)-AlienLC (int 1/0 on/off)-DmgRate (int 000-100 percents)-LocationDamage (int 1/0 on/off)-FF (int 1/0 on/off)-PopUpNames (int 1/0 on/off)-PredatorMaskLoss (int 1/0 on/off)-CW (int 1/0 on/off)-Exosuits (int number of exos on map)-QueenMoltingKills (int 0-15)-Scoring (default game / custom - def/cus)ServerName is name in HEX (because of mysql compatibility, server announcing to master server as "....?Name=%s...",StrToHex(m_GameInfo.m_szName))##STARTOFMSREPLY## and ##ENDOFMSREPLY## indicate start and end of master server stream for extraction on client side (find("##STARTOFMSREPLY##") != string::npos)Servers are divided by "±" symbol, every "±" means start of new server string.)

i have received informations that TBBC working on new client side update, dont know if want use this my ms script or their own, but at last something. notwithstanding problems between us, i thank you for do that.



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Rommie's mod - --> latest PUBLIC build
Rommie's PTS easy connector -

Nighty builds (builds used on PTS) download (WARNING, this is EXPERIMENTAL BUILDS, containing debug code and some features will NOT BE available!), PTS builds using same config generator, new variables will not be affected: (SOON)

ReadMe files included..


Every time ACTUAL global ban list file content:

#People in this ban list was automaticaly banned by Rommie's mod, because they triggered any hack check function
#Rommie's shared ban list.
#Last change: 12.1.2018 10:37 GMT+1
#Removed bans due to predator vision hack trigger, found bug in detection.

#player name: KRYPTONIAN
#player hw id: 6ACFD25A75BDFBD004A443A677CE8B3A
#reason received from server: TSEARCH MEMORY POKING: Butes memory hash failure.
#ban type: perm.loc.glob.
#ban date and time: 10.09.2016 17:09 GMT+1
#ban unique event id: c27a49405ca0db3b1aab367b52439b64
#global ban request send from server: - [DBH] Rommie's TDM PTS #1

#player name: Noob
#player hw id: 2D646B808465BBFDB73A65FEE533BA5F
#reason received from server: AIMBOT: (shoulder cannon aim + net gun)
#ban type: perm.loc.glob.
#ban date and time: 5.11.2016 10:52 GMT+1
#ban unique event id: 8bf1e6033f521d0f127bf2e7b43322a0
#global ban request send from server: - [DBH] Rommie's TDM PTS #1

#player name: SPECIALIZED
#player hw id: AD3F50CF16FB4D88339B3EB22B552827
#reason received from server: AIMBOT: (smart gun aim + pulse rifle)
#ban type: perm.loc.glob.
#ban date and time: 04.06.2017 16:42:16 GMT+1
#ban unique event id: ae13b41cb2b158a21f4049ac6d70dffa
#global ban request send from server: - [DBH] Rommie's TDM PTS #1

#player name: MAX
#player hw id: 6F9251716A6252A7B562F561BE54B2B0
#reason received from server: AIMBOT: (smart gun aim + sniper)
#ban type: perm.loc.glob.
#ban date and time: 26.07.2017 15:53:16 GMT+1
#ban unique event id: 06da221687608b377c70e9b047e7b609
#global ban request send from server: - [DBH] Rommie's PTS #4 [no skins]

#player name: NoName
#player hw id: B0A1BD713CC28FB7D997048FCE694623
#reason received from server: TSEARCH MEMORY POKING: Butes memory hash failure.
#ban type: perm.loc.glob.
#ban date and time: 22.01.2018 12:29 GMT+1
#ban unique event id: 2baa28f4e73178f993c899c3318af214
#global ban request send from server: - [DBH] BLOODBAH DM - ALL WEAPONS


Currently running Public Test Servers:


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