After today's experience when I met two TBBC server players on my PTS, I learned that my server is "bad" because my servers do not contain shit like alien's automatic recovery.


So I will say it again, this time the last time.


Rommie's mod is an administrative plugin for Aliens vs. Predator 2 game, NOT CONTAIN and never will contain changes that relate to the very nature of the game. Rommie's mod will NEVER include this direct gameplay changes.


If you do not like it, just do not just mess up on my server. I'm not curious about boredom from -teen-year-olds, you're never a project like this, you do not even know what programming is in C ++, and I'm not going to deal with childbirth that their beloved runner does not restore health when he's out of combat. And last thing i wanted to see on my servers is bullshits from idiots like this how i am "loser", how my servers are "shit" and "bad".. I DONT CARE!


Do not you like it? DO NOT PLAY THERE, problem fixed.

>>> FOR FULL POST - CLICK HERE <<< - PTS -> release soon

There is new build on PTS, in main changes are:


- Server app will no longer crashing with "Rommieavp2serv.exe has stopped working..." dialog, i get rid of those shit, and server will just crash silentely.


- Server app is now compilled in x32 .BIN format (there is no longer RommieAvP2Serv.EXE executable, now there is server.bin file thats called from windows command line, or with RommieAvP2Serv.exe loader thats also working like automatic server restarter - server will restart automaticaly while crash, without any bullshits or hangs).


- Rommie's mod now have included hardcore debuggging code to found WHY mod some time crash with handle to server.dll (most probably any broken message, just need found what exactly happened).


- Debug logs is now created automaticaly when server start up in Rommie/DBG/*.txt where * is exatly STARTUP time of server app - when server crash, last operation will be logged there.


- Rommie's mod and MS patch rez file do not need to be anymore specified in customrez.txt files, Rommie's avp2 server execuable will automaticaly load them, and exit (with detailed informations) when files not found.


- server.dll is now fingerprinted with MD5 hash, and server app will exit, if you try load RommieAvP2 server with different server.dll than dll provided in download package.


- timer issues (timer problems, disc speed, rocket speed, grenade warping and all other time related shit was FIXED by help of TBBC - THANK YOU!)


- new mod package will contain UpdateChecker.exe application, that made MD5 fingerprints of all essential files, check their actual versions on my website, and allow you download directly new mod/server app/MS patch server files.


- public build of server app WILL have included automatic error reporting (maybe next version, not sure if i be able finish this in this build), that automaticaly send me crash logs by HTTPS request directly to my server - same as server app reporting hackers for global banning purposes.

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Rommie's mod - --> latest PUBLIC build
Rommie's PTS easy connector -

Nighty builds (builds used on PTS) download (WARNING, this is EXPERIMENTAL BUILDS, containing debug code and some features will NOT BE available!), PTS builds using same config generator, new variables will not be affected: (SOON)

ReadMe files included..


Every time ACTUAL global ban list file content:

#People in this ban list was automaticaly banned by Rommie's mod, because they triggered any hack check function
#Rommie's shared ban list.
#Last change: 12.1.2018 10:37 GMT+1
#Removed bans due to predator vision hack trigger, found bug in detection.

#player name: KRYPTONIAN
#player hw id: 6ACFD25A75BDFBD004A443A677CE8B3A
#reason received from server: TSEARCH MEMORY POKING: Butes memory hash failure.
#ban type: perm.loc.glob.
#ban date and time: 10.09.2016 17:09 GMT+1
#ban unique event id: c27a49405ca0db3b1aab367b52439b64
#global ban request send from server: - [DBH] Rommie's TDM PTS #1

#player name: Noob
#player hw id: 2D646B808465BBFDB73A65FEE533BA5F
#reason received from server: AIMBOT: (shoulder cannon aim + net gun)
#ban type: perm.loc.glob.
#ban date and time: 5.11.2016 10:52 GMT+1
#ban unique event id: 8bf1e6033f521d0f127bf2e7b43322a0
#global ban request send from server: - [DBH] Rommie's TDM PTS #1

#player name: SPECIALIZED
#player hw id: AD3F50CF16FB4D88339B3EB22B552827
#reason received from server: AIMBOT: (smart gun aim + pulse rifle)
#ban type: perm.loc.glob.
#ban date and time: 04.06.2017 16:42:16 GMT+1
#ban unique event id: ae13b41cb2b158a21f4049ac6d70dffa
#global ban request send from server: - [DBH] Rommie's TDM PTS #1

#player name: MAX
#player hw id: 6F9251716A6252A7B562F561BE54B2B0
#reason received from server: AIMBOT: (smart gun aim + sniper)
#ban type: perm.loc.glob.
#ban date and time: 26.07.2017 15:53:16 GMT+1
#ban unique event id: 06da221687608b377c70e9b047e7b609
#global ban request send from server: - [DBH] Rommie's PTS #4 [no skins]

#player name: NoName
#player hw id: B0A1BD713CC28FB7D997048FCE694623
#reason received from server: TSEARCH MEMORY POKING: Butes memory hash failure.
#ban type: perm.loc.glob.
#ban date and time: 22.01.2018 12:29 GMT+1
#ban unique event id: 2baa28f4e73178f993c899c3318af214
#global ban request send from server: - [DBH] BLOODBAH DM - ALL WEAPONS


Currently running Public Test Servers:


You can any time contact me on my email
or alternative

If you have any mod related question or problem, please provide much informations as is possible, include logs.. If you send me just message "my server crashing, help", without any info, i will not react.

You can also use forum thread on DBH forums ->