This is config generator ONLY for CURRENTLY RELEASED MOD VERSION.

Unfortunately EVERY TIME you update your server app, you will need re-generate new config files!
This is only temporary, i think i will be able made you possible upload your current config files and load them here, soon.

OK, i am running CURRENT server app from

Expand Rommie's mod base settings
Enable admin-peep (ADMIN - lvl3, will see ALL chat on server, including other players team chat, whispering)

  Use species-restriction system
 Check characters to disable:
Predalien Drone Praetorian Runner
Ichiro Johnson Jones Harrison
Predator Assault Heavy Light
Rykov Dimitri Ivan Dunya

Enable joiner alert message
Enable spawn players with all weapons and fully loaded ammo in their inventory (CAN be used with Weapon ban mode)
Deny of use <name> command
Enable tiered admin system with LVL1 password: and LVL2 password:
formula is simple, command name=minimum level required for execute it, if you remove some command, or set there something else than 1, 2, 3 your server will crash! Command description will be found in ReadMe.RTF

Enable auto-ban hackers
Allow to change species/class only while in spawn protection
Enable DMHDE Melee mode (only MELEE weapons without special ammo will be available - knife, pistol, shotgun, flamethrower, wrist blades, comb stick, net gun. Alien stun will be DISABLED, predalien, praetorian, heavy predator and assault predator will be DISABLED)
Autokicking players with ping that exceed ms Player who have 3 times in a row worse ping than value will be automatically kicked out of game.
Enable attacking to players in same team cause penalization (if you attack your team mate in TDM, he will receive 0 damage, original damage will be transferred to YOU) - temporary DISABLED, cause server crashes!
Enable mirror damage to players they attacking someone in spawn protection (If you attack player in spawn protection, you will get damaged) - temporary DISABLED, cause server crashes!
Enable weapon-restriction system
Enable weapon-restriction system based on map name (currently you need to set-up it manually, if profile not found, it will use _default), just uncomment line with map name you want to specify in rommie.ini, or create new in format "WBan_MapName and GBan_MapName" and setup it (more informations is in Rommie.ini)
Enable strict ammo and character checking (server strictly checking character IDs - morph hack protection and weapon vs. fired ammo IDs - ammo hack protection, disable this order only if you plan run some custom mods including custom weapons or/and characters)
Enable showing player ID assigned by server in the name (7-Bunny-s, 11-BiosKiller, 1-The Ancient...)
Enable fire from spear gun to lost predator cloak (like in AVP1)
Enable humans to use flares in MP (check this to HUMAN players receive 3 flares on spawn point)
Enable anti-worm kill protection (chestbursters will be in spawn protection until mutate to mature alien)
Enable server to periodically check to GOD mode hacking
maximum predator disk reteive limit resets with respawn (1-256), value higher than 256 = unlimited
By check this box, you DISABLE predator plasma pistol ALT fire (that stunning spam)
By check this box, you ENABLE predator disc bounces from walls (after 50 bounces, disc will auto-recall), if this feature is DISABLED disc will act as normal..
Maximum disc bounce count before auto-recall, if Predator disc bounce is enabled (min. 1, max. 32)

Override species limits for using /sch command (sch command just let administrator switch players to unavailable races - eq. you have disabled alien slots on server, but you still can manually switch players into alien classes by sch command)
Enable server to load maps in random order (minimum 3 of maps in list REQUIRED or your server will crash on startup)
Enable hardcore-survivor (humans cannot pickup healing packs or armor packs, predators cannot use healing device, alien is not healing by eating corpses)
Enable QueenDM game mode (all players will be spawned as queen in real QUEEN DEATHMATCH match o:))
Enable Queen vs. exosuit game mode (All human players respawned in exosuit already with FULLY loaded ammo, all aliens will spawn as queen already NOTE: Humans are NOT able to left exosuit by press E in QvE game mode)
Mad maps - right now, on Compound for last 60 seconds of map all players became switched into queen class... Just for LOL...
Enable this will show kill messages in default way (spamming chat), disable this will made show messages in floating window at right side of screen
Enable hardcore-Evac (All alive Evac players must be in Evac point to start cooldown - Bunny-s original Evac mod)
Use shit-list
Enable PURE server (WARNING: enable these feature cause players with *ANY* custom content - skins, sounds, huds, animations, texture mods... UNABLE join to your game server!)
Check to FIX Sniper Rifle stagger bug
Check to FIX corner glitching
Check to FIX Pulse Rifle stagger bug
Check to FIX Mini Gun stagger bug
Check to server ENABLE use global ban list (more informations can be found at THIS SITE)
Enable announcer rewards (headshot, killing spree... - this will NOT affect game status announcers - countdown to next map, five minutes warning, play...)
Announcer type, 1-3, 1-FEMALE, 2-MALE, 3-UT2003 style (screaming male)
Server branding, if checked, server will show server name and country in right bottom corner of game
If you activate this option, server will detect and punish campers.
If you enable this option, you allow BANNED and GLOBAL BANNED players securely join to server, they will be MUTED, CLASS LOCKED, on spawn they receive only one HP without ability of use healing effects, receive only KNIFE / WRISTBLADES (can not pick up another), and been renamed into LocalBannedPlayer / GlobalBannedPlayer.
By enable this option, server will detect lamers using old jhitbox bug with pulse rifle and crouching, when player try to use pulse rifle while crouch, i will switch back to knife.

Expand Rommie's mod ServerApp settings
Change serverapp debug and server app processor affinity ONLY if you KNOW what you doing...
Enable chat logging on server
Enable this option cause server app every 3 minutes send random game-related hint into chat from database.
Enable ServerApp debug
ServerApp processor affinity
Broadcast new player country of origin after join
If you not fill VALID email adress, i will decline any support request or autoban requests from your servers.

Expand Rommie's mod MOTD settings
Message frequency minimum value is 3 minutes, maximum is 60.
Lines shorter than 5 characters will be IGNORED and mod simply will not show them in game
MOTD frequency in minutes

Choose MOTD color: (NOT supported in Internet Explorer, in IE you must manually put there HEX of color - #FFFFFF = white, #000000 = black)

Expand Rommie's mod SH!TLIST settings
Add words into shitlist, ppls using this words in name or chat will get punished, after 5 strikes of punishment, they get MUTED
Each word is divided by : symbol, do not use SPACES, RIGHT example is pre-written into following collum for example, if you add fuck, mod will automatically found it in strings like "fucker, fucking f1 u /_ c---k (mod automaaticaly remove EVERYTHING except a-Z from test string, "f1 u /_ c---k" = "fuck" in test string)... so you don’t need add all words include this string...

Expand Rommie's mod Weapon ban and tiered admin settings
These settings apply ONLY if you ENABLE "Enable weapon-restriction system" in base settings

Knife Pistol Shotgun Pulse rifle Grenade launcher
Napalm Smartgun Sadar Minigun Sniper

Wristblades Spear Plasma pistol Speargun
Shoulder cannon Disc Netgun Sticky bombs

Predator medi comp (healing device) Predator energy sift device (energy recharge) Predator cloaking (invisibility) Human flares Tail/pounce stun

Pulse rifle grenades Impact grenades (orange) Timed grenades (red)
EMP grenades (blue) Spider grenades (gray) Tracking rockets ammo SmartGun tracking