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Removed vCTF game mode - cause frequent crashes..

Server is BACK ONLINE!

Server is TEMPORARY (i hope) offline, when we found new host, it will be back..
May, 10. 2017
Server is back online! Happy hunting!
April, 16. 2017
Server shut down TEMPORARY, we are movin to new machine, server will be back in end of APRIL.
January, 7. 2017
Fixed redirection service, from some reason, UT3 server not able use https redircet.
July, 7. 2016
Temporary disabled Show Damage SM mutator, due this mutator totally spam CHAT, it will be re-enabled, when i get sources, and rebuild it without this "fearure".
July, 5. 2016
Problem with redirection service seems to be now FIXED, i will re-enable custom maps soon :).
July, 5. 2016
A new website has started.